Bright pinwheel quilt with a blue ribbon

Kathy Won!!!

A Blue Ribbon
For Viewers Choice
at the PVQA
Feb 2008
Quilt Show

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Kathy Rickabaugh

Kathy loves quilts. Since the early 80’s she has been taking Quilt classes, making and showing quilts at local quilt exhibits. Her love for art and love of teaching is expressed in every aspect of her life. Her ancestors before her have passed down the love of sewing and quilting. The generations of quilters in her family have given her the desire to learn more about ways to keep these collections (treasures) preserved for future generations to enjoy.

Teaching others to make and finish quilts is natural for Kathy. Her experience as a mother, crafts teacher, quilting teacher, and elementary school teacher give her the zeal for teaching quilting classes. Her small quilting group learns from her experiences to do new creative projects. Working together with other women from the community she helped to organize the sewing of over 40 quilts to send to the Katrina Rescue effort. Membership in the Pajaro Valley Quilters Association in Santa Cruz County, California, has broadened her scope of the quilting world.

Kathy’s teaching opportunities at Mt. Hermon Crafts Retreat, Judy’s Sewing Center, and Your Hometown Sewing Center in Northern California have given other quilting friends chances to learn quilting and exhibit their work at local quilt shows.

Certified in Quilting Restoration, Quilt teaching (20 years) experience, Certified Growth Coach

If you have a quilt project Kathy may be able to help you. Feel free to call or Click here to email her with your questions. Take pictures to send attached to your email so she can see what needs to be done. For more details go to the SERVICES link.

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